Other Chapter Snippets

Shari's Sins
...We moved towards a small group of men who were talking quietly and sipping mixed drinks from short glasses. They noticed us immediately or I should say that they noticed her, at least. She greeted them all by name then turned and introduced me, "This lovely is named, Shari," she said. I blushed immediately and stammered an awkward hello. I had an unusual feeling as if I was an object being displayed; I guess that's what they mean by objectification.

Their full attention turned to me and I suddenly felt, for lack of a better word, vulnerable. What a strange feeling it was. It was the way they looked at me, I think. I could see them - feel them sizing me up as their eyes moved over my entire body before they looked back at my face. They did it so matter of factually, too. Not like when you catch men checking you out and there is that awkward moment when you can tell that they are embarrassed that they got caught. No, they were looking at me as if it was the most natural way to behave. They did it without apology - so boldly.

What came next, though nearly made my knees turn to jello. They all smiled at me then turned to Ms. Z and began making comments such as, "Very Nice, Z." and "You always bring the most delicious women." and "Well done." I could feel the heat flare up my neck and onto my cheeks and I had to resist moving my hands there. I had to resist burying my head into Ms. Z's shoulder like a little girl.

The man standing next to me leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Your blush is quite becoming, my dear." I thought I'd faint between the sensations of his warm breath on my ear and the sudden moistening in my panties...

Just Peachy
...At this point he stepped behind me and slid a scarf over my eyes, tying it snugly. Oh, yes. It was every bit as exciting, frightening and stimulating as it always was when he'd blind fold me. This time, though, we were in a public place and that added to the heightened stimulation. I felt that tingle that starts in my stomach then spreads throughout my whole body...

Poor Jerry
...Of course, I didn't actually kick him in the balls for that; I just pictured myself doing it. Even now, I can almost feel the satisfying yield of his scrotum as my imaginary foot sunk deep into his imaginary nut sack. I would liken that satisfaction to the deliciously indescribable feeling you get when you press your fingers against those little plastic air pockets found in bubble wrap and they acquiesce with a final airy pop...

The Box
...A man dressed in khaki shorts with a Hawaiian print shirt - apparently the staff uniform - approached a small group seated at a high top table nearby. I overheard him reading from one of the order forms. He told them that their order, #14 was being delivered. Just then two men, carrying a large oblong box on rails like a litter, came around the corner of the building and headed to the cabana furthest away. Three of the group - two men and one woman, left the table and headed out to the purple stripped cabana...

The Stalker

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I saw Caron leaving to go for a walk earlier, so I grabbed Luther and went around the corner to bump into her. Naturally, she stopped to pet the dog. It wasn't long before we were walking along together as planned. She looks damn good even in sweats. She was talking about putting in some plants around the front of the porch to make the place look nicer. I told her she could check out my patio garden in my back yard and I told her about the pond I put in. I invited her over to see it and told her she could have some cuttings if she wanted. She'll be coming over for a bit this weekend. I'll be picking up some of that crap bottled stuff that I saw in her grocery bags and a cheese cake. Let's see what's she is like with a couple of bottles in her.

...and more.